6897 Cote St Luc Road #221 Montreal, Quebec H4V 2Y4

Steven Berke

Men's Custom Suits Tailor

Welcome to Steven Berke, a custom suit and shirt tailor, based in Montreal. Boasting a large selection of exclusive high quality Italian fabrics, updated each season. Our men's suits are handcrafted with care and attention, and then delivered promptly to you in person. Enjoy the feel and look of custom suits, tailored to perfection!


Questions About Our Mens Suits

Do you make corporate suits for businesses?

Yes. I do - the suits are designed to be for business, that is, comfortable to wear, durable for travel, and longer lasting. I accomplish this by using the newest fabrics from Italy and England that offer current technologies to weave and finish fabrics.

How soon can I get my suit ready?

It usually takes 4-5 weeks from the day the order is taken to final delivery of the suit. All the suits are crafted by experts and experienced European tailors in Montreal.

What is the price for tailored suit?

The price will usually vary depending on the final fabric choice. I have made a great effort to control administrative costs to offer the most competitive prices to my clients. I can usually custom tailor the suit for my clients at a better price and selection than one can find the comparable quality off-the-rack in a fine mens store in Montreal. I invite you to contact me your price.