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Steven Berke

Men's Custom Tuxedos Tailor

Experience custom designs for your Tuxedo too! Bespoke tailor with over 40 years of work experience. Let us know your specifications and we will create a Tuxedo for your unique style. Bespoke tailor-made tuxedos at a price that fits!

High quality


Custom Tailor Accessories
Best Threads

the best threads

All Steven Berke Custom Tailors garments are finished to the client’s request to attention to details for a truly custom fit and finish.

Best Buttons for Tailoring

the best buttons

Tailors attend to each step with expertise to produce high quality workmanship and finish..

Best Pins

the best pins

All tailored garments are individually designed to each client’s exact size, silhouette choice, and detailed requests for a perfect fit.


Questions About Our Mens Tuxedos

I am getting married soon. How can I order suits for my wedding party?

Wedding Tuxedos are my specialty. The earlier we meet to make the best choice of style and fabric is always a benefit to the groom. A visit to the showroom, with or without your better half, is suggested so we can make the right choice and respect the very important delivery date. I strive to make it as easy as possible and use my valued experience with wedding parties to guide my grooms through the process with ease and confidence. Call my cell anytime.

How soon can I get my tuxedo ready?

In the event of a special occasion where the suit is needed sooner, I can usually accommodate the request with prior notification. My tuxedo order takes 3 weeks.

What is the price for tailored tuxedo?

Depends upon the fabric selection but I've kept a control over administrative costs to offer affordable yet elegant tuxedos for you.