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do you make corporate shirts and suits for businesses?

Yes. I can design and tailor shirts and suits for executives in the corporate world. The fabric selection and suit style can be specifically designed and tailored to create the proper impression for the business setting. As well, the suits/shirts are designed to be for business, that is, comfortable to wear, durable for travel, and longer lasting. I accomplish this by using the newest fabrics from Italy and England that offer current technologies to weave and finish fabrics.

how soon can I get my order?

It usually takes 4-5 weeks from the day the order is taken to final delivery of the suit. All the suits/shirts are crafted by expert and experienced European tailors in Montreal and quality work by hand takes time to create that unique fit and finish. In the event of a special occasion where the suit is needed sooner, I can usually accommodate the request with prior notification. My shirt order takes 3 weeks.

what kind of fabric is used for the shirts/suits?

My suit fabrics are from the finest Italian mills.

where do the fabrics come from?

With the best woolens form around the world, they use the most up-to-date techniques to design and weave the best fabrics available on the market today. The right colors, shades and combinations, soft to the touch, durable for travel and day long wear, and longer lasting, they combine the best features for your next suit choices!

i am getting married soon. how can I order suits for my wedding party?

Wedding Tuxedos are my specialty. The earlier we meet to make the best choice of style and fabric is always a benefit to the groom. A visit to the showroom, with or without your better half, is suggested so we can make the right choice and respect the very important delivery date. I strive to make it as easy as possible and use my valued experience with wedding parties to guide my grooms through the process with ease and confidence. Call my cell anytime.

once the order has been placed and received, is it possible to make adjustments?

At the time of delivery, it is sometimes required to make slight fitting adjustments. I will take care of all those final adjustments right away and reschedule a quick delivery. After delivery of the garment, I always offer free adjustments in the vent changes are required. I want to make sure clients can get a long lasting use of the suit.

do you make suits and shirts for women?

As I create designs fit for men, I specialize in tailoring to men’s fashion only. Unfortunately, I do not tailor suits or shirts for women. Sorry ladies!

what is your price?

Great question. Price of my suits and shirts is a function of tailoring fabric selection. All of the expert advice and prompt service, in your office or my showroom, and delivery is included in the final price. The price will usually vary depending on the final fabric choice. I have made a great effort to control administrative costs to offer the most competitive prices to my clients. I can usually custom tailor the suit/shirt for my clients at a better price and selection than one can find the comparable quality off-the-rack in a fine mens store in Montreal. I invite you to contact me your price.

do you offer accessories? if so, is it possible to personalized them?

In order to create and design the best suit/shirt for you, I use all our efforts to deliver the best suit, sport jacket, pants, or shirt. Accessories like ties, belts, and socks I leave to your discretion to choose at another on line offering.

DO you have customer service or support?

With each appointment, I offer expert advice on fabric, silhouette , and details for a unique suit/shirt for each client. Before and after delivery, I am always available to help with the fit and care of the garments. My goal is to make the purchase and delivery of the tailored suit/shirt a very positive and enjoyable experience. With over 40+ years of tailoring experience and working with clients of all backgrounds, I know the value of a satisfied client.

how do i contact you guys?

Contact can be made by email, text or a phone call directly to my cell phone. I am available most times during business hours to be reached.

what the difference is between made to measure and bespoke tailoring?

In today’s mass marketing, the terms have been misused and miss-represented. Made to Measure refers to a custom tailored garment that is made for the individual client as a single unit of production. With a premade set of patterns already graded to most sizes, the designer will have the measurement of the client in hand. The pattern closest to his actual size and style required, with some modest tweeking, will be used to create the perfect fitting suit/shirt. After a possible single try-on, or straight finish , to the client, the final tailored garment can be delivered. This process can take 4-6 weeks.

A Bespoke garment is another effort all together. With each new garment ordered, a new pattern is created from scratch to the benefit of the individual client. After several try-ons, and all the tailoring is done strictly by hand, before final delivery, the garment is fine tuned to create the best fit possible. This process can take several months as each step is painstakingly long. The results are just that much finer. But the extra time and effort will make the final garment much more expensive!

what are the methods of payment?

Contact can be made by email, text or a phone call directly to my cell phone. I am available most times during business hours to be reached.

how can i book an appointment?

Booking an appointment can be done several ways. A phone call to my cell directly, or an email through the website is just as effective. It is best to confirm the date and time as all my clients are dealt with by appointment only, either at my showroom or your place of business during business hours. The choice is the clients as my effort to make the experience of shopping for a tailored suit/shirt is to be as easy and painless as possible.

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