The Perfect Cocktail for the Perfect Steven Berke Suit

Here at Steven Berke, suits are our business, and making you look good is what we do best. In your Steven Berke suit, you’re sure to look your best, but we also want to make sure you take great care of yourself while you’re at your event. After all, what is James Bond without his vodka martini, “Shaken, not stirred,” and where would Carrie Bradshaw be without her trusty Cosmopolitan? Much like shopping for the right suit, finding the right beverage for your personality can take a little bit of “tailoring.” We’re going to step away from the world of men’s fashion for a moment to help you find the beverage that “suits” you. Fashion puns aside, now that you’re dressed, go out and have a great time, and let this cocktail guide help you choose your own signature drink.

The Manhattan

Conjuring images of high society in New York in the 1950′s, the Manhattan cocktail is as timeless as the three-piece suit. Fashioned of rye whiskey and sweet vermouth and garnished with a cherry, the Manhattan is a stout drink with a sweet edge, just like a silk tie on a freshly pressed shirt. It’s served in a martini glass capped with a cherry like a fedora on a pinstripe suit, so you’re sure to look dapper holding this golden beauty the next time you step out in your Steven Berke suit.

The Brandy Alexander

You describe yourself as rich, smooth, and complex, then a Brandy Alexander is the cocktail for you. Brandy mixed with crème de cacao and a little cream make for a drink that will fit your taste buds as well as your custom tailored Steven Berke suit fits you. It’s served in a martini glass and looks creamy and delicious, so pair this treat with a classic black suit and bow tie for an impeccably fashionable statement. Even the Great Gatsby didn’t look as good as you will, sipping this cocktail in your custom tailored suit.

The Tom Collins

Any cocktail popular enough to have a glass named after it is a cocktail you must know how to make. Traditionally fashioned with gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup, it’s the grown-up version of lemonade with a herby kick, and if you like to mix business with pleasure, this drink will be just your fashion. Many people prefer to make a their Collins with vodka rather than gin, and that’s just fine as well. This drink is served in a highball, also called a Collins glass. It’s tall and slim, so wear your best skinny tie and choose a suit with a narrower cut when you order this drink.


This is the classic cocktail. As ubiquitous as the three-piece suit and as varied as the whole realm of men’s fashion, the way you take your martini should be as personal to you as your best suit. Whether you prefer a peaked or notched lapel, or a tapered or slender trouser, these choices are as individual to you as whether you like your martini with gin or vodka, dirty or dry. If you’re really feeling fashion forward, try a clever spin on this concept, the Gibson – it’s a dry martini with an onion in the place of an olive. Like a pattern on a necktie or just the right pair of shoes, the subtlety of the martini is something that’s best when it’s custom tailored for you – just like a fine men’s suit.

Have fun out there, and don’t forget to drink – and dress – responsibly. Come take a look so we can suit you up !

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The Perfect Cocktail for the Perfect Steven Berke Suit
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