Tips to Choosing Your First Steven Berke Suit

Steven Berke suits exude power and confidence. Part of this reality is based upon the fact that each suit is handcrafted and made to measure, allowing the real you to step forward. You can always be assured that your Steven Berke suit will be custom tailored to your specifications. With a team of tailors that have exquisite attention to detail and produce the highest quality workmanship in the industry today, selecting the right suit for you just became easier. Having such a qualified team of experts at your disposal ensures that you get what you are seeking, but here are just a few tips you might want to remember to make your experience its best.


When choosing your new suit, keep its purpose and basic function in mind. Are you looking for just the right work suit? Are you on your way to a school reunion or a family wedding? Understandably, this may sound a bit elementary, to consider your purpose or occasion. However, you typically will not wear the same thing you wear to the office that you would to a special occasion or to a wedding. Investing in the development of your suit closet with this idea in mind will have you well prepared for any occasion.

Shape and Fit

In finding the shape that best conveys who you are it is wise to remember that a classic, single breasted two-buttoned suit is a solid contender today. You can’t go wrong. If you want to step it up a notch, a one-button suit adds a dressy touch. And of course the double-breasted suit garners much attention. Truly, it is a matter of preference. But it is one that will help you to carve out what is just right for you.

In finding the right fit for your suit, slim is in. But finding what works best for your size and shape is important. If you desire a slimmer suit, go as slim as is comfortable. You want to look good and feel good; no compromise is necessary when investing in a custom-tailored suit. Making sure that your suit trouser is straight, slender and the appropriate length will go far in presenting you well at any occasion.


Steven Berke suits are custom tailored from a large selection of high quality Italian fabrics. You can rest assured that you will find an endless variety of exclusive fabrics to choose from. Choosing a fabric can oftentimes have a lot to do with the season. One does not typically want a wool suit in the heat of the summer. Knowing what type of fabric works best in every season is essential to looking and feeling your best. Each season, Steven Berke receives new arrivals of fabric that are shipped in for just this purpose, allowing for you to acquire a customized and individualized look all your own.

Custom-tailored suits are a must for the fine gentleman. First impressions are everything. Be memorable. Make a statement in a Steven Berke suit today.

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Tips to Choosing Your First Steven Berke Suit
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