Your Wedding Tuxedo. What to wear for you Special Formal Event and How to go About it.

What to look for in a Tuxedo

First thing: Fit is paramount. So, take a pass on the rental. The jacket should be trim against your chest, shoulders sitting snuggly against your upper back. The tuxedo shirt sleeve dropping just below the jacket sleeve. The pants are tailored through the leg and slightly tapered from the knee to the cuff, with a slight break at the shoes. Side pockets are stylish, but no rear pockets. One or two button jackets look best fastened with fabric covered buttons. Besides feeling really comfortable in a custom tuxedo, the right look and perfect silhouette make the final product outstanding. With the updated selection of kid mohair and wool from premier Italian mills, the tuxedo will be lighter weight. Keeps the skin cool, with superior body texture for that crisp and always clean look to the silhouette.

These are traditional design points. Tuxedos can also be customized to be made completely your own.

Tuxedo Colours

A classic tuxedo is either black or midnight blue, with a satin lapel trim. The stripe on the pants is classic, but not necessary. Destination events or summer affairs can accommodate lighter shades of blue or grey. To achieve the classic James Bond look, try a midnight navy, which tends to photograph darker and richer than a classic black. The subtle difference in color makes a big impact on the dapper scale. Royal blue is also very fashionable this season. Check out these exquisite fabrics to help you get that unique look!

Choosing the Right Lapel

Classic single breasted tuxedos typically go with satin covered 3” Notch lapels. For a slightly different look, the Peak lapel is great. A very traditional look is the full rounded shawl collar. Either of these choices will make for a great look, with the final choice always being yours to make.

The Tuxedo Shirt

So important. With your tuxedo, a proper fitted but comfortable shirt adds the most punch to the final overall look. A crisp white collar and bright white body will contrast the dark tuxedo and make for a visual explosion. Your choice of a satin tie or bowtie, will complete the entire image. A colored shirt can work well to complement your bride. French cuffs with a special set of cuff links will add the perfect amount of bling and class to the overall look. The cuffs should show about ½” to ¾” below the jacket cuffs for the best and correct length.

What to Avoid

Pass on the rental tuxedo. If you will need to wear a formal attire at least twice a year for the next few years (friends and family weddings, formal business events…etc.), it will be much less expensive to own in the long run. Additionally, you have your own properly fitted tuxedo, ready to wear, right in your closest. No need to run for multiple fittings at downtown locations. More importantly, a rental tuxedo uses very supple fabrics, in order to last many dry cleanings, so it loses on the comfort feature and usually just hangs on the body.

Make sure you trust your tailor to give you the right selection for you, not him. Make sure he is qualified to tailor the uniquely designed and fitted tuxedo just for you, as you want. Like we’ve seen, tuxedos are classic but can be uniquely tailored to your style too. Some outfits will deliver only their own designs, for self-promotion. And buy local. Off shore suit and tuxedo suppliers are mass produced that cater to the lower price point, often missing on the quality aspects. Local tailors offer much better quality workmanship and make sure the fit and finish are top notch. If you are making the effort to go custom, then do it right!

All said, it’s most important for you to feel the most comfortable and be the best looking man in the room. Your uniquely designed and custom made tuxedo will offer you just that. Enjoy!

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Your Wedding Tuxedo. What to wear for you Special Formal Event and How to go About it.
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